About East Hollywood BID

Since its founding in 2007, the East Hollywood Business Improvement District (BID) has been hard at work improving the Vermont Avenue corridor of East Hollywood. The District generally runs along Vermont Avenue from Highway 101 north to Hollywood Boulevard in East Hollywood, along Hollywood Boulevard from Vermont Avenue west to Edgemont Street, and along Sunset Boulevard from Edgemont Street east to Lyman Place.

The BID finances services that are over and above the basic services provided by local government. Services provided by the East Hollywood BID include litter pick-up, sidewalk/bus-stop power washing and graffiti removal by uniformed Maintenance Teams. In addition to these services, the BID provides funds for community improvement and advocacy initiatives that work to improve the District’s business climate and overall quality of life, as well as advocating on behalf of the property owners collectively.

Some of the recent projects include the BID, with the help of local partners, planting over 100 trees in the area. Once the trees mature, the BID anticipates they will not only make the corridor healthier and prettier, but also more profitable. The BID is also working with partners to improve traffic and pedestrian flow, as well as to paint and freshen up other features of the corridor.

In addition, the BID is moving forward in partnership with Metro, CalTrans, and City Council District 13, on its project to install street medians along Vermont Avenue from Hollywood Blvd. to Santa Monica Blvd. The EHBID’s Vermont Ave. medians proposal was selected as one of the funding recipients through the highly competitive Metro Call for Projects process, as a way to calm traffic and enhance the pedestrian experience in this highly traveled area of the city. The City has recently completed its bid process for a contractor to build the medians and construction is expected to begin early this year.

For more information about our BID services, please email us at: coordinator@ehbid.org